Managed Services Overview

Data Technique’s Managed Services Solutions are designed to offer more than just the installation of hardware, software and maintenance. We work with the customer to determine their business needs with respect to computing at all levels, and form a partnership. We form and maintain business relationships with our managed services customers and consider them to be partners.

Solutions for these Common IT frustrations

  • E-mail and work order systems are down
  • Client database(s) unavailable
  • Spyware, malware and unauthorized access issues
  • Banned software such as games or file-sharing software
  • Predictable hardware failures

There is no such thing as a convenient downtime. Managed Services keeps a constant watch on the health of your network. Corrective action is taken on issues before problems occur and costs you valuable uptime. Often, you won’t even know when a problem has occured and been corrected — your IT assets simply continue to perform as they should.


  • Significant decrease in downtime.
  • Improved network & hardware performance
  • Fewer ‘growing pains’ via network capacity management
  • Lower costs & increased efficiency via resource allocation
  • Protection against security breaches
  • Visits from your IT service provider are more productive & less intrusive
  • Increased employee productivity by automating routine administrative functions

Quick Response

  • Data Technique can monitor what issues are affecting your network, and will respond before they become critical — such as a server running low on memory.
  • Automatic alert dispatch guarantees a quick response to problems at your site

Security Monitoring

  • Alerts Data Technique on attempted network access by unauthorized users
  • Software content control allows you to ban high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing which monopolize business resources and promote viruses and spyware

Graphical performance reporting

  • Schedules executive reporting, automatically generated and sent directly to your e-mail address
  • Easy-to-understand graphical reports with “un/acceptable” lines.
  • Makes capacity management and upgrade planning simple.

Managed services & communication

  • Data Technique can minimize disruptions to the work environment by remotely resolving issues using a secure VPN system
  • If an issue arises that requires on-site assistance, prior in-depth knowledge allows us to send fully prepared technical specialists who can resolve the issue faster than ever before.
  • Network services monitoring and alerting (POP3, HTTP, FTP, and others)
  • Very low bandwidth requirements — does not slow down your network response

Detailed site-level inventory

  • Up-to-date hardware, software, and patch information — can be automatically collected, 100% accurate — can be used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire, or theft