Data Technique started in 1986 with specialization in porting data from mainframe and minicomputers to the PC while writing custom software applications for financial and accounting customers. In 1988 Data Technique introduced its groundbreaking software package Profit Scan for the Savings and Loan industry. It was the first cost accounting software offered for the personal computer using three-dimensional mathematics.

In 1990 after the collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry, Data Technique moved into the field of network engineering. Soon, it had established itself as the regional leader in the field, becoming the only Novell Platinum Partner in the area. Since that time, Data Technique has continued to further establish itself, obtaining Microsoft Certified Partnership, as well as partnering with networking leaders such as Symantec, Stoneware Corporation, Identity Engines, and many others.

Today, Data Technique has established leadership in the fields of Directory Services and Data Security. It is growing its geographic coverage as well as its technological expertise.